No Numbers, Just From The Gut…

Here’s my gut feeling on Game 6 today against the Bulldogs…the Aeros will win today!

I just have too much faith in this group of guys to think they will let another opportunity slip away – that’s just my opinion and if they don’t win, well, they get another crack at it on Tuesday.  Really, the Bulldogs are the team that dug themselves this hole and the Aeros are the team with the luxury of having a huge lead in this series (once upon a time…).

In 2009, when the Aeros won back-to-back elimination games against the Manitoba Moose to send the Western Conference Finals back to Winnipeg, I’m not sure I really thought that team could win the next two games and advance.  It was possible of course, but at the end of the day, they weren’t the better team.  That’s kind of the feeling I have right now but reversed.  I think the Aeros are the better team, so it’s up to the them to go out and prove it today at 4 pm.

The Aeros should come out today and seize the moment – take the emotion and inspiration from what should be another great crowd on home ice and use it to fuel themselves to victory.  Aeros’ assistant coach Brian Wiseman told me just a few minutes ago that he expects the Aeros to increase their urgency and focus today – and I think those are two big keys in the Aeros trying to match / exceed the Bulldogs’ desperation.

A great hockey team will be sitting on the visitors’ bench this afternoon, and there’s no doubt about that.  They won’t go away easily and I do believe that the Bulldogs have the momentum and swagger on their side right now.  But all it takes is a little bit of belief on the Aeros’ bench – one or two positive plays early in this game and the Aeros will get their mojo back.  I’m confident in it.  This team has excelled in this building all year long.   There’s nothing to be nervous or scared of if you’re the Aeros – win and you move on, lose and you play again on Tuesday.  Again, they afforded themselves this luxury…

But I really believe today is the day to get it done – and the die-hards that will fill up the seats at Toyota Center today deserve to see a handshake at the end of the game just as much as the Aeros deserve to play for the Calder Cup!

Enjoy today’s game – and remember, the Aeros lead this series for a reason…

– Aero Joe


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