More Playoff Scenarios

Since I know everyone is trying to figure this out, have a gander at what the AHL put together for Sunday’s games. If you haven’t been paying attention to the daily Playoff Primer over at, make sure you remember to do so next season. In the 14 seasons or so I’ve been involved in this business in one aspect or another, there have definitely been some interesting playoff races. There are none, however, that I can think of that have been as intriguing as this one. Of course, Sunday’s game still has meaning since the Aeros no doubt don’t want to go into the playoffs on the heels of a dud, especially in front of what could be the biggest crowd of the season.

West Division seeding scenarios
(at SA)
and OKC
(at HOU)
then W3-W4-W5 would be:
Win Win
Win Reg loss
OTL/SOL Reg/OT win
OTL/SOL Reg loss
Reg loss Win
Reg loss OTL/SOL
Reg loss Reg loss

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