Gettin’ Some Local Media Lovin’

Check this out. The Aeros on local TV. No kiddin! Just goes to show you that when you win, people want in! It’s nice to see the local TV and radio types getting excited about the upcoming playoff run. Thanks to everyone who came out to our little shindig at SLICE and thanks to everyone at the Cheesecake Factory in Sugar Land for taking care of  the lunch details.

Many thanks to John at Fox26 for lacing up the skates and coming out to the rink so early.

That’s not it either. Local 2 stopped by and posted their entire chat with Mike Yeo on their website.

ABC13 made it out to get some video although new stuff isn’t posted yet. That said, look for Tim Melton’s piece from February when he was the first of the locals to acknowledge how good this team has been. Also, keep an eye out in the coming week for a story on Jed Ortmeyer.

Chatted with Butch Alsandor at KHOU11 who has some stuff in the works for the Aeros although they were tied up and couldn’t get out to the rink on Thursday.

John Wessling from ESPN 97.5 FM was there as well and in this video pretty much sums it up. He’s got some other cool stuff from SLICE so watch that as well. (OK, for some reason if you click on this link within the Aeros site it won’t go to Youtube.)

Our buddy Raheel from 1560 The Game popped by for a little while and chatted with Mike Yeo; that’ll be on sometime this week. Speaking of which, did you hear Brian Wiseman on the air with Travis Rodgers last week? Fun stuff – I’m pretty sure Diamond Joe has that posted under the Gameday Audio links at

Matt Kassian is scheduled to be featured in an upcoming article in the Houston Chronicle and the focus of which might surprise you if all you know of him is that he beats the tar out of people on the ice.

And of course we can’t forget the trusty triumvirate of typing talent  (Andrew Ferarro, Heather Galindo and John Royal) from T3I who made some time to visit. Heather even put on her goalie gear. Look over to the blogroll and click on the Third Intermission for some fantastic stuff. The fourth Beatle to the trusty tri? Joel Jackson and gang over at Gladiators Magazine. We tried to get him on the ice to no avail.


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