DiSalvatore Scores For Charity…

Right off the hop, I need to apologize for not getting this up sooner.  So, now that you’ve accepted my apology, it’s time to share a truly great story…

Beginning back on Saturday, March 19th, College Financial Advisors began pledging $100 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society every time Aeros’ captain Jon DiSalvatore scores a goal.  And so far, so good, because the Bangor, Maine native has been on fire and this outstanding charity is reaping the benefits.  DiSalvatore has scored six times since the charitable promotion kicked off, including one goal in each of his last two games.  The plan is to have College Financial Advisors, one of the Aeros’ newest corporate partners, present a check to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society during one of the Aeros’ upcoming playoff games.  “The College Money Guys” have also donated 50 tickets to Sunday’s game to help this great cause!  Here’s to hoping DiSalvatore buries a few in the regular season finale on Sunday…


On a completely different note, this scheduling “quirk” that sees the Aeros have seven full days off between games is both good and bad.  I’m assuming most of you see “the bad” – the fact that the Aeros could get rusty and lose their mojo between April 2nd (6-1 win at Chicago) and Sunday’s regular season finale / the start of the postseason.  Plus, what some of you might not realize is that missing some important pieces of the Aeros’ puzzle affects the day-to-day practice regiment (drills, teaching tools, system work, etc.).

However, here’s the silver lining for me.  And their names are: Carson McMillan, Max Noreau, Justin Falk, Colton Gillies, Jed Ortmeyer and Drew Bagnall.  All of these guys had a chance to go up and either debut (McMillan and Bagnall) or get noticed (Gillies, etc.) with the big club before time runs out on the 2010-2011 season.  This is huge, not only for the individual players, but also for the Wild as they attempt to see how their prospects (and pending free agents – read: Noreau) are developing.  In addition, I think it’s great for the Aeros.  Guys around the dressing room see their teammates getting an opportunity, getting rewarded for their hard work.  Now could the Wild have called these guys up if the Aeros had four games this week?  Of course, since they had injuries which warranted the call-ups to begin with, but I think this “time off” for the Aeros led to an increased number of “looks” for these players.  So I think it’s been great for the entire organization to get a day or two away from the rink and some much needed practice time during this “bye” week.  Again, just one man’s opinion.

See ya on Sunday and in the postseason…

– Aero Joe


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