@houston_aeros Updated #AHL Playoff Dates

Still lots to shake out this weekend as far as seeding in the playoffs go, but I can confirm that the Aeros will likely have home playoff dates on April 13 and 15 at Toyota Center. There’s still a multitude of scenarios to consider and this is truly a playoff race for the ages. But, if the Aeros have home ice against the Texas Stars (and that appears to be the most likely, but not 100% guaranteed scenario), those are your first two games of the series.

Texas losing to Peoria on Wednesday certainly helps that scenario, while Grand Rapids edging Milwaukee means the Aeros still have a shot at winning the West Division.

Of course, you can check out Andrew Ferraro’s playoff rundown over at T3I and also head on over to THEAHL.COM and peruse the daily playoff primer to get up to speed. And don’t forget to look at the tiebreakers, since total wins (if the teams are tied in points) isn’t the deciding factor, it’s regulation and overtime wins, minus shootout wins.

That’s enough for now – the Aeros are hosting a playoff media day at Sugar Land Ice and we’ll be there bright and early. Make sure to check out Fox26 throughout the morning since they are scheduled to be out there for a few live shots (barring any major fiasco in the Houston area).

Looks like we’ll also have several of the radio stations and at least one or two other TV stations coming out so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled throughout the weekend and into next week for some extra Aeros coverage besides the usual highlights or score updates.


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