Aeros on the local airwaves

As you  might expect, as the playoff push is on and it’s otherwise quiet around Houston (well, except for the Final Four, the Shell Open, and the Dynamo) the Aeros have gotten a little more love lately on local TV.

Here’s a few stories I posted the other day but wanted to make sure they didn’t get buried. But make sure to read the rest of the post. It’s important. Really.

The first one is from KTRK ABC 13 and our buddy Tim Melton and it hits on what we’ve been trying to wake people up to; the Aeros are good, and they’re likely the only Houston team locals can root for in a playoff run.

The second one is about the growth of sled hockey in Houston brought to you by the affable Winston Dutchin over at KPRC NBC 2. I’ve seen sled hockey before on TV but I never got to see it in person until a recent Aeros game. It’s amazing.

Post game highlights have been a little more prevalent (Fox 26 ran a pretty good segment on Sunday). It helps that most of the stations can pull the feed directly from Toyota Center since the days of having camera crews to send all over the place are about as current as Champ Kind’s one-liners.

That said, loyal Aeros fans, if you want to see the team on TV more often, let them know.  Bombard them while you stand up and shout!

Same thing goes for local radio. If the phones don’t die when local radio talks Aeros or hockey, then they’ll continue to talk Aeros and hockey. It’s pretty simple, right? So get on the horn at your local radio station and tell them you want to talk hockey. Good? Let me know how it goes.



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