Goin’ to the Dogs

Matt Kassian has been a busy guy lately. From visiting with seniors a little while back, to doing a photoshoot for an MMA magazine, to helping spread the word about Chilly’s Pet Pals event this Sunday. Check out www.aeros.com/petpals for more info.

Today, Matt visited the MyFoxHouston studios along with Monica from the Houston Humane Society (and two really, really, playful pups). It was an early call time; an 8 a.m. arrival and on the air around 8:45 a.m.

The last Pet Pals event, in November, helped 12 dogs find new homes. Plus, over 100 dogs (and their owners) got to enjoy the game.

If you’re a dog owner, bring your pooch out this Sunday. If you’re not, the Humane Society will be there along with dogs looking for love. It’s like speed dating. Sort of.

Here’s video of Matt, Monica and the Mutts on the air this morning. I’ll post  a few behind the scenes pictures a little later.

The video doesn’t want to embed for some reason, so click below to watch.


Off on a tangent here, but traffic on 59 was miserable this morning. Westpark Tollway was backed up too. Houston really needs commuter rail.


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