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Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for…some audio regarding the trade of goaltender Anton Khudobin (old news, I know).  However, since defenseman Jeff Penner hasn’t been physically cleared to play with the Aeros quite yet, I thought I’d at least give you as much as possible to chew on regarding the deal.  As promised, here’s what Aeros’ GM Jim Mill had to say about the deal – and Penner – when I caught up with him at Sunday’s game:

Mill On Trading Khudobin

Also, here’s Wild goaltending coach Bob Mason’s take:

Mason On Khudobin Deal & Khudobin’s Potential As An NHL Goaltender

A full interview with both Mill and Mason, as well as AHL President David Andrews is available here:

Multimedia Page – check it regularly, hockey freaks!

Once Penner gets ready to join the Aeros’ lineup I’m going to try and get some audio and other scoops from Providence, specifically their head coach, Rob Murray.

On to last Sunday’s game….uhhhhhhhhh!  That was the Heat kicking the Aeros in the groin again.  What a frustrating loss!  Goaltender Josh Tordjman looked human for the first time in an Aeros’ sweater and to lose in regulation after battling hard to earn not one, but two, third period leads is crushing.  Not season-ending crushing by any means, just the usual “boy, that sucked” crushing – the type of loss that almost every team endures a few times over the long haul of an 80-game season.

The team got a much needed day off yesterday, took part in a little team building excercise today and I’m sure they’ll hit the ice hard tomorrow (Wednesday) for a full practice.  The Manitoba Moose come to town for games on Friday and Sunday…for some news on them, check out this link.

FYI – Little Richard aka “The PR Guru” shot some video of the team building / leadership training session today – look for some footage in the next day or so.  Also, Little Richard is heading to the WWE show at Toyota Center tonight.  To be honest, I used to love the WWF and then the WCW (during the NWO era).  However, I don’t have a clue what the sweaty jocks are up to these days…maybe Little Richard will post some wrestling photos – come to think of it, he should bring an Aeros’ sign to get us some publicity!
While is at WWE tonight, I’ll be at the Houston Rodeo checking out Keith Urban.  For the record, I’m no country fan – in fact, I’m not sure if Philadelphia has a country station on the local radio dial and country music is almost as foreign to me as is reading a book in Japanese.  In other words, I didn’t grow up with country music anywhere near me.  However since I’ve been spending the bulk of the last six years plus with a bunch of Canadians, I’ve gotten to know some country tunes.  Plus, a buddy of mine in college was a huge Tim McGraw fan, so I know a few Timmy tracks based on that.  I got to see Timmy last year at the rodeo and I’m assuming Senor Urban will rival that show.  Looking forward to it…kind of, sort of.

Finally, here’s one more link for your viewing pleasure – pretty interesting stuff on some “high ticket” NHL’ers that are plugging away in the minors.

– Aero Joe


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