No, I’m not talking about the Daytona 500, which is tomorrow. Obviously, I’m referring to the playoff race that the Aeros are involved in. Three-game winless skid aside , the Aeros managed to maintain a hold on first place in the West although Milwaukee was able to slip into a tie for the top spot.

Saturday’s game at Rockford certainly added to the drama, especially if you were doing some scoreboard watching like yours truly. Knowing San Antonio lost earlier in the day at Hamilton provided some breathing room, but would Peoria be able to knock off Milwaukee?And would the dreaded “two goal lead” curse sting the Aeros?

The third period was a nail-biter, but a couple of big saves by Hackett and a pretty goal by Rau was enough for the Aeros to hang on. Too bad Milwaukee won too.

Looking ahead, the schedule seems like it should favor Houston. Lots of home games. Only six more road games. The only potential stumbling block is the amount of games in hand some of the other teams have on the Aeros. Still it’s pretty crazy when the No. 1 to No. 7 spot in the Division is separated by just seven points.




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