Back From The Road…

Aero Joe checking in once again, puck heads – hope you all had a solid weekend and that you were able to listen to / watch / attend some or all of the Aeros’ most recent road trip.  I’ve got a few things to touch on…

First off, the trip to Minnesota and our time at Xcel Energy Center was phenomenal (minus the result of yesterday’s game, of course).  Big props to the entire Wild staff for once again making us feel welcome and for helping us pull off the “home” game against the Rivermen.  Without their staff’s hard work and effort, there would have been no chance of the Aeros playing in St. Paul.

With that said, Sunday’s loss was one of the Aeros’ poorest efforts in quite some time.  Not so much the fact that they lost, but the fact that in my opinion, they really never “got to their game” to steal head coach Mike Yeo’s term.  It was a stinker – and there’s nothing the team can do about it except to learn from it and move on.  Which bring us to Thursday morning – the 11 a.m. home tilt against the Chicago Wolves.  Hopefully these back-to-back “out-of-your-element” games don’t come back to haunt the Aeros.  Look, hockey players like most athletes are creatures of habit.  And I’ve always looked at these 11 a.m. games as a toss up.  Who knows if the Aeros or Wolves will be able to wipe the crusty-sleepiness from their eyes in time to put together a decent, if not superb, 60 minutes?  Here’s why I’m concerned – you play in Minnesota at 1 pm in the afternoon in front of 9,000 Wild supporters and management and you lose, then you play at 11 am in your next game and if you lose that one, you’re heading to Milwaukee just a few hours later and the always-tough Admirals are just sitting at home waiting to give you their best shot on Friday night.  A loss at Bradley Center would officially give you a losing streak, which can’t be afforded right now.  Call it my natural “nega-delphia” kicking in (all us Philly sports fans are born negative).  I’m not saying the Aeros won’t get back on track on Thursday, I’m just saying I’m concerned that if they don’t, things could snowball on them a bit.  They have to find a way to put Sunday behind them and play a great defensive game on Thursday morning.

Back to Sunday’s game in Minnesota for one quick second…such a shame to see Tyler Cuma go down with a lower body injury and get stretchered off the ice.  I’ve got to check with the medical staff / Aeros’ brass to see what can be announced at this point, but let’s just say it’s a long-term injury.  One man’s injury is another man’s opportunity (read: Jamie Fraser).  Here’s to a speedy recovery for Tyler Cuma…

I’ll try to get another post up here this weekend – either from Milwaukee or Rockford.  Hope you’re enjoying this blog – Little Richard needs to pick his game up a bit – I’ve been out-blogging him lately and I’m damn proud of myself for sticking with it and constantly updating this thing.  Now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably slack off for the next three weeks…doh!

– Aero Joe


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