It seems like I’m writing that headline a couple of times a week, which isn’t a bad thing of course. The way the schedule is and the way most of the teams in the West Division have been playing, it’s like a never ending game of rock-paper-scissors.

But indeed, the Aeros can take over sole possession of the No. 1 spot in the West Division and Western Conference with a win tonight at Rockford. Thanks to the OKC Barons beating San Antonio in a kid’s day game earlier today, if the Aeros win and Milwaukee loses at home against Peoria, the Aeros would have a two-point lead on both the Rampage and Admirals. of course, a Peoria win will give them 64 points, so the leapfrog game sort of continues.

This is one of those races that really makes things fun. Usually around February the blahs kind of set in. Not this year.


  • The Office Park Bowl gets underway in Hartford this week. Actually I think the whole thing is pretty cool, especially since I grew up a Bruins fan and learned to love the Whalers, thanks mostly to their $14.50 student tickets. But, downtown Hartford reminds me of a big corporate development, although from what I gather they’re trying to make it more of a happening place. Either way, it’s still WAY better than Stamford! And technically the game isn’t in Hartford, but East Hartford. Two different towns. Cool fact: Rentschler Field, where the event is being held, is on the site of a WW2 airfield.
  • This has to be one the stupidest things I’ve ever seen, but kudos to the Red Sox for being able to wheel some loot out of JetBlue for it.
  • The Brooklyn Cyclones, who play on Coney Island, are the latest team to offer Christina Aguilera the chance to “make things right” by singing the anthem at on of their games. I’ve never seen a game at their ballpark, but have been by there, and it really is a cool spot. It’s also right near the original Nathan’s hot dogs. But I digress. Yeah, we all know Christina botched a verse in the song, but c’mon. If I had a buck for every anthem I’ve heard someone screw up, I’d have, well, at least enough to pay my airfare to NYC to see her sing on Coney Island.
  • In shocking news, the Rome Frenzy of the Federal Hockey League folded. How a team playing in an Upstate New York town of about 33,000 couldn’t survive the season is beyond my comprehension.
  • The Rochester Americans and their indoor lacrosse brethren, the Knighthawks, are cutting their TV schedules. Here’s a quote from Amerks and Knighthawks President Lewis Staats; “We have been hearing from our fans, and other concerned people, that airing all of our games on TV has affected our attendance…”.
  • Finally, did anyone see the news about Pucky the Whale getting beat up? I know of one writer in particular who jumped for joy upon reading this.

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