Aeros at Stars Tonight

Another day, another dollar. That pretty much sums it up for the Aeros, with the proverbial dollar being another important game. Tonight the Stars host the Aeros and it’s another one of those games that can either add some separation in the standings or further clog things up.


The long and short; if Houston wins, they’re tied with Milwaukee and San Antonio with 64 points and first place in the West Division. If they lose, Texas pulls even with the Aeros with 62 points. Either way you slice it things are still pretty tight in the Divisions but it would be nice to pull four points ahead of the Stars.

As for travel, it’s another pretty hectic week for the club; bus to Austin today, fly to Chicago tomorrow and then bus to Rockford for a game, then it’s on to Peoria Friday and finally St. Paul on Saturday before coming home. That’s a lot of miles. The good news for the Aeros is that after this run, the schedule is home heavy with only eight away games left.

Diamond Joe has the call all week on 1070 KNTH. If you can’t tune that in, click LISTEN LIVE on AEROS.COM or you spring a couple of bucks and watch on AHLLIVE.COM.




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