Curling, Rookie Parties, and a Cool Ticket Deal

The team spent Monday curling, of all things, in Toronto. Stuff like that is what makes me miss being on the road all the time. Seriously, when was the last time you got to go curling?

Diamond Joe also got to the Hockey Hall of Fame on Sunday before the game. I’d be willing to bet he got some Tim Horton’s as well. I suppose I’ll have to settle for living vicariously through the pictures that Joe swears he has and brewing my own Timmy Ho’s at home.

Now that I think about it, since the team is in Syracuse right now maybe he’s getting some Dunkin’ Donuts as well. Why doesn’t Houston have a Dunkin’ Donuts? San Antonio has one at the airport. The DFW area has a few as well. What gives?

There was some speculation that the Wild was going to call up a defenseman for tonight’s game at Chicago but it looks like they’re good to go.

By the way, January is usually the time of year for the annual rookie party and by that, we mean embarrassing the rookies at a team dinner and making them foot the bill. It happens at all levels of the game, the only difference usually being the price tag at the end of the deal.

The Wild had theirs in Chicago and were then treated to some time the next day with Sir Charles Barkley and Michael Strahan. I’m sure Joe will fill us in on Aeros rookie party dirt.

I just got this in from the Aeros ticketing department. Since the team is playing so well, they put an offer together you can’t refuse to get you out to the game Friday. Specially priced lower-endzone attack side tickets will be discounted through the front office. The seats, which are $26 at the gate will be sold through the front office for only $15! These seats will be limited so act now to take advantage of the great discount. The ONLY way to do so is by clicking here or by calling 713-361-7914.





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